Poetry and Culture in Crisis: Words of Life and Death

This series of poetry readings and discussions will delve into topics such as life, death, and poetry, as well as how words may provide hope and life to a terrified and divided world.

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Way of Expression

Ancient man created many movements, gestures - a dance - in order to convey his feelings. This is perhaps the root of poetry, since all of this is not simply a beautiful arrangement of words on paper, but an enormous quantity of emotions wishing to communicate with the world. Feelings that, at times, are insufficient to put into words, but must be shown via the use of body language to demonstrate their sincerity and honesty.

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Poetry and Time

Perhaps those who have not attempted this unquestionably tough art would believe that poetry’s phenomenon is overrated. That there is nothing in it that is so beautiful and enticing that I should spend my valuable time on it. Indeed, time is a very fickle resource. It is constantly rushing, flying, and vanishing, oblivious to the brakes, and, unfortunately, it is dwindling by the latter.

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Poetry is a unique mode of expressing thoughts, emotions, and ideas. It is the skill of infusing words with a new, unusual way of expressing stories.

It is the capacity to convey to the listener what is in your soul with simple words elevated to a new level. In several aspects, it passess the literary and storytelling conventions; it also goes beyond the limits and capabilities of the original language.

What does the poet do?

The poet communicates his ideas to the readers via intricate entanglements or, on the other hand, extremely light word combinations. He reveals the most personal part of himself with them - his soul.One might contemplate poetry's purpose, its objectives, and the meaning of life indefinitely. However, nobody can dispute that this phenomena has left and continues to leave a significant imprint on our history.

Writing the History

Poems were used to write history in ancient times. Poems were written for the purpose of glorifying famous generals, monarchs, and empresses in lines on parchments. War was deified in this language, and people were eager to start them.

Weapon of Mind

Poetry is that weapon that has the ability to harm or defend. That was once true, but poetry is now seldom employed in politics, having been supplanted by another kind of diplomacy. Now, it remains the best friend of philosophers, poets, and authors, and, to my incomprehensible joy, poetry is starting to capture the attention of the general public as well.